Working with Fast Linear Algebra (BLAS) Libraries

DaCe natively supports linear algebra operations (such as matrix multiplication) by using Basic Linear Algebra Subprogram (BLAS) libraries. They integrate into existing programs when using, for example, the @ operator, or calling NumPy functions such as In the resulting SDFG, Library Nodes will appear and can be then expanded to use one of the fast BLAS libraries, for example Intel MKL or NVIDIA CUBLAS.

By default, to maintain compatibility with all platforms, DaCe may expand library nodes to the native (unoptimized) SDFG implementation. This could be useful for manual optimization (e.g., to fuse algebraic operations together), but for most cases it is beneficial to call those libraries for their high-performance implementations.

The expansion target can be easily configured in library.blas.default_implementation or manually on the graph, for each node or for the entire blas library globally. For specific nodes, modify their implementation property. For global configuration, change dace.libraries.blas.default_implementation. You can also check if a specific BLAS library is installed and can be found by DaCe using the is_installed static method of each library environment.

The example below shows how you can check whether a library is installed inside a Python script, as well as change the setting:

from dace.libraries import blas

print('BLAS calls will expand by default to', blas.default_implementation)

if blas.IntelMKL.is_installed():
    blas.default_implementation = 'MKL'
elif blas.cuBLAS.is_installed():
    blas.default_implementation = 'cuBLAS'
elif blas.OpenBLAS.is_installed():
    blas.default_implementation = 'OpenBLAS'
elif not blas.BLAS.is_installed():
    # No BLAS library found, use the unoptimized native SDFG fallback
    blas.default_implementation = 'pure'


If a library is installed but cannot be found with the above method or during compilation, the environment variables CPATH / LIBRARY_PATH / LD_LIBRARY_PATH may be misconfigured. See Troubleshooting for more information.