DaCe Python Frontend

The DaCe Python frontend is a Python library that parses general Python code and generates SDFGs. Briefly, it works by parsing the Python AST, preprocessing it into a more suitable form, and then creates the SDFG by traversing the AST. Upon parsing, Python elements can be (a) parsed to equivalent SDFG components; (b) parsed to Library Nodes to be subsequently specialized for each platform; or (c) if containing unsupported features (e.g., recursion), converted into callbacks to the Python interpreter, raising a warning in the process.

The process is summarized in the following diagram:


The preprocessing step is necessary to support certain Python features, such as object-oriented programming. It is composed of several AST passes that transpile Python into Python:


Below, more information can be found on the specifics of Python parsing, the involved classes, and the NumPy capabilities DaCe provides by default.